Take a moment to care for your leather bag! With minimal effort, you can freshen up even a worn bag. In fact, if you care for your handbags regularly, you can maintain the value and appearance of your favorite pieces for many, many years. There are just a few simple things to keep in mind.

From removing annoying stains and scratches to properly storing your bag.... we show you how it's done!

Cleaning leather bag

In a first step, you can clean your leather bag dry, as this may be sufficient. With a soft brush or a soft cloth, you can wipe off superficial dirt well. For single stains, it often helps to use a spot cleaning foam, which you also use to clean your shoes.

If water or liquid dirt gets on your bag, dab the area as quickly as possible with a dry cloth or handkerchief. It is important to soak up the liquid completely.

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Leather Care Tip:

Baby cleaning wipes, vinegar or other home remedies are generally not recommended for cleaning leather bags. Many of these products contain chemicals and substances that can dry out and discolor leather. Only leather care products should come into contact with your handbag. Also, do not use household cleaners. There is a risk that these will only make stains worse.


An extra portion of leather care

Crucial to maintaining your leather bag is to regularly moisturize it, making it sturdy and supple. Not all genuine leather is equally durable. The smoother the leather, the more susceptible it is to damage like scratches and wrinkles.

You can keep even delicate leather bags from drying and cracking with a rich leather conditioner. Apply the conditioner with a clean cloth, let it soak in a bit, and then polish the leather in circular motions until it shines again. While light scuffs can be fixed by polishing, deep scratches are often only helped by a repair service. Caring for a leather bag also means not forgetting handles and straps! These are of course particularly stressed.

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Storage in the dust bag

The dust bag is the best friend of your leather bag. Most of the time it comes with the bag or you can buy it separately. With a dust bag, you protect the leather from scratches and sun exposure and prevent dust from accumulating during storage. Fabric allows the leather to breathe and keeps it soft and supple.

Never store your leather handbag in a plastic bag! The plastic can stick to the leather and ruin your bag. Additionally, moisture can accumulate in an air-impermeable plastic bag, which can lead to mold.

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