Premium Power Foam Cleaner Set 125 ml


  • Shoe polish set removes dirt, water-soluble stains, salt and water marks
  • Absorbent shoe sponge for optimum dirt removal
  • Effective shoe cleaning foam thanks to citrus power
  • cleans suede shoes and smooth leather shoes as well as leather bags and other materials incl. CLIMATE MEMBRANE
  • has a nourishing effect and refreshes dull colors
  • Simple application with immediate effect

Why make it complicated when it can be easy? With our combination set of Eg-Gü Premium Color Power Foam Cleaner plus shoe sponge, you are optimally equipped to thoroughly remove stains from a wide variety of materials and make even white shoes clean again. The active formula based on citrus power ensures effective deep cleaning of shoes, bags and clothing - regardless of whether they are made of leather or textiles with or without a climate membrane. Dirt is removed from the fibers without damaging or discoloring the material. Simply spray on, rub in with the cleaning sponge and remove any foam residue!

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