Brilliant Gel 50 ml


(3 customer reviews)

- cleans, repairs and keeps leather supple for a long time
- Effective leather care protects high-quality shoes, bags and belts
- can be polished to a high gloss
- optimal color refresher
- colorless and absorbs completely
- suitable for smooth leather, vegan leather and synthetic materials


Our Eg-Gü Premium Color Brilliant Gel is a leather care product with a shine effect specially designed for heavily used shoes, bags and belts. Similar to a leather balm, our gel provides rich care to keep shoes and accessories in their original condition for as long as possible. You can use it to clean and care for even the finest leather bags to protect them from dryness and cracking. Apply with a clean cloth, allow to soak in and polish. Dull colors will begin to shine again and your favorite pieces can show their best side.

Ratings (3)

3 reviews for Brilliant Gel 50 ml

  1. Linda -

    I use the gel for my shoes and leather bags. The shine makes everything look like new. An absolute recommendation!

  2. Alekander -

    Very easy to use. The product is of very high quality and makes the leather supple.

  3. Sebastian -

    Works really well!

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