Sneaker White SET with free Chamois cleaning cloth 75 ml


(5 customer ratings)

- Extreme whitener cleans white sneakers, sneakers and fabric shoes
- highly opaque formula restores the original whiteness
- works against stubborn stains, scratches and yellowed shoes
- suitable for white leather, textiles and seams
- sponge applicator for easy application and quick cleaning


If you can't get your formerly white leather sneakers or fabric shoes white again with a shoe polish, our Eg-Gü Sneaker Whitener will help you refresh the color effectively. The liquid, white shoe polish with a bleaching and coloring effect removes yellowness, dark stains and scuff marks. With the sponge applicator on the bottle, you can achieve an even, radiant white, just like new, cardboard-fresh sneakers. Shake well, apply to clean shoes, leave to work and polish. Home remedy or washing machine? Not necessary!

Ratings (5)

5 reviews for Sneaker White SET with free Chamois cleaning cloth 75 ml

  1. Nicolas -

    Works like a charm!

  2. Nina -

    Thanks to the extremely opaque formula, the original white of your sneakers is restored in no time at all - whether it's leather, textiles or seams.

  3. Manu -

    I was really skeptical as to whether it would work well. My old sneakers are wearable again and look really good again!

  4. Firat -

    Super product!

  5. Constantine -

    With the Sneaker White, you no longer have to worry about yellowed or dirty sneakers - my sneakers look like they did on the first day.

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