Sneaker Power Cleaner 250 ml


(7 customer reviews)

- Powerful cleaning spray for all sneakers without leather
- ideal for all textiles, synthetic leather and rubber as well as material mixes
- colorless spray cleans black, white and colored sneakers
- reliably removes dirt and stains
- also cleans all sneaker soles
- easy to use and fast-acting


Our Eg-Gü Sport Line Sneaker Power Cleaner helps you to get your sneakers sparkling clean from superficial dirt as well as dried-on stains. Without washing your sneakers in the washing machine and straining them in the process, you can clean them thoroughly but gently with our cleaning spray and chamois cloth. Thanks to the innovative formula, stains from white fabric shoes are removed just as completely as from CLIMATE MEMBRANE, mesh materials and rubber soles. Your sneakers are also cared for and dull colors are refreshed.

Ratings (7)

7 reviews for Sneaker Power Cleaner 250 ml

  1. Nico -

    The Sneaker Power Cleaner from Eg-Gü is a real all-rounder and reliably removes dirt and stains from all materials - from textiles and artificial leather to rubber and material mixes.

  2. Sebastian -

    It is super easy to use and takes effect quickly - perfect for anyone who wants to clean their sneakers quickly and easily.

  3. Annika -

    With the Sneaker Power Cleaner, you can be sure that even stubborn stains such as grass or oil stains will be removed effortlessly.

  4. Niklas -

    The cleaner has given my Chucks a second life 😀 I was about to throw them away.

  5. Perttu -

    Unlike some other cleaning agents, the Sneaker Power Cleaner from Eg-Gü is free from aggressive chemicals and gentle on your sneakers.

  6. Nina -

    Cleans reliably!

  7. Frida -

    The Sneaker Power Cleaner can also be used without hesitation on sensitive materials such as mesh or Primeknit - it cleans gently and effectively.

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