Shoe Deo 125 ml


(3 customer reviews)

- powerful shoe deodorant spray to quickly remove perspiration odor from shoes
- antibacterial effect inhibits the formation of new odors
- leaves behind a hygienic, ocean-fresh fragrance
- Reliably helps with leather and textile shoes
- without aggressive chemicals or heavy metals


When your shoes start to smell, it's time for our high-performance shoe deodorant from the Premium Color shoe care line: our special shoe spray against stubborn odors helps immediately if shoes or sandals start to smell of sweat. It doesn't just cover up the smell. It also eliminates the tiny culprits - odor-causing bacteria - and thus effectively prevents new odors from developing. A refreshing shoe fragrance gives you the feeling of cleanliness and lasting protection.

Ratings (3)

3 reviews for Shoe Deo 125 ml

  1. Andi -

    Smells amazingly good!

  2. Carlotta -

    Very pleasant, fresh fragrance. I use the deodorant for my sneakers and sports shoes and am very satisfied

  3. Vincent -

    Lasts a long time and leaves a pleasant fragrance!

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