Sneaker Power Protector 150 ml


(4 customer reviews)

- Innovative sneaker waterproofing spray against moisture and dirt
- reliable waterproofing of leather sneakers, fabric shoes and mesh sneakers
- suitable for all smooth leather, suede, nylon and textiles incl. CLIMATE MEMBRANE
- suitable waterproofing spray for colored, black and white sneakers
- keeps sneakers rainproof, breathable and prevents dirt from sticking
- guarantees long-lasting waterproofing protection and care
- quick drying time, easy application, intensive spraying power


You shouldn't necessarily wade through a river, but otherwise our Eg-Gü Power Protector will keep your sneakers waterproof... and fresh for a long time! Specially developed for material combinations and the flexibility of sneakers, this waterproofing spray has only one goal: to make your sports shoes really fit. An invisible protective coating prevents the penetration of liquid. You keep your shoes dry, soft and flexible. Oil and dirt won't even stick to white canvas shoes. It is best to waterproof your sneakers when they are still new so that they look as good as new for as long as possible.

Ratings (4)

4 reviews for Sneaker Power Protector 150 ml

  1. Fynn -

    The Sneaker Power Protector from Eg-Gü is mega cool! You can use it to effectively protect your sneakers against moisture and dirt.

  2. Davina -

    Your leather sneakers, fabric shoes or mesh sneakers can be reliably waterproofed with this product. I like it!

  3. Corinna -

    Does what it promises!

  4. Franzi -

    The Sneaker Power Protector keeps your sneakers rainproof, breathable and prevents dirt from sticking to them.

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